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Guitar Lessons

At The Guitar Lab we pride ourselves on providing consistent, professional guitar tuition with tailored programs and packages for students of all ages.

Tuition costs are $495 and are payable one NSW school term in advance for current/existing students. This is based on 40 weeks of tuition per school year (fees are adjusted if you start late in the term!)

NEW STUDENTS are welcome to trial our services for one FREE lesson at with absolutely no strings attached (though we are positive you'll want to come back!).

The Guitar Lab | Guitar Lessons | Drummoyne
The Guitar Lab | Guitar Lessons | Drummoyne
The Guitar Lab | Guitar Lessons | Drummoyne
The Guitar Lab | Guitar Lessons | Drummoyne


"...David at The Guitar Lab has made my progress learning the guitar so much more enjoyable and progressive than any app or website tutorial could provide..." - Matthew S.

"...First class and friendly guitar tutoring service for the young and young at heart..." - David M.

"...I've learned things I'd never thought I'd learn. Music notation, the how and why's of scales, finger positioning, it goes on..." - Adam H.

"...For anyone wanting to learn to play guitar, whether you are a beginner or more advanced and regardless of whether you’re looking for a teacher for your child or yourself, this is the single best place to go to learn to play the guitar and enjoy the process of learning..." - Amahl A.

"...David is a passionate, talented professional with a wonderful teaching style. Our guitar lesson with David is definitely the highlight of our week..." - Francesca C.

"...I admire the way David inspire our kids and whole-heartedly coach them! We’re really a fan of him and highly recommend for his excellent service..." - Huynh N.

"...I thoroughly enjoy David's lessons and he is very knowledgeable with great tips and advice. Would highly recommend him anyone looking to learn to play the guitar..." - Luke A.

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