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About Us

The Guitar Lab is the perfect environment for students of all ages and abilities to learn the guitar. With studios in Drummoyne right in the heart of Sydney's Inner West, our guitar lessons are conveniently located for almost everyone.

All students are assessed so that a completely unique and tailored programme can be delivered to match the wants and needs of the individual. This ensures that every student maintains the highest level of enthusiasm while still delivering all of the essential information required to be successful.

The Guitar Lab operates a studio that is outfitted with professional grade instruments and the latest in computer and software technology to create the perfect environment for all students to learn efficiently.

A Word From The Owner

"My dream to have a music career in any form has never faltered. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to play with some amazing musicians (and still do!) in some great venues across the country since I began playing guitar at 7 years old."

"I discovered a deep passion, love and sense of fulfilment from teaching music approximately 19 years ago. It was a sideways career move that I had not considered at the time... but looking back I couldn't be happier."

"I have had the wonderful opportunity to tutor hundreds of students and held thousands of hours worth of lessons - not only in the private realm but in the capacity as an ensemble and band conductor."

"Bringing this invaluable experience to prospective students of the Inner West makes me very excited! I can not wait to meet you all... but until then, Keep Playin'!"

David Thirgood

Business Owner and Principal Guitar Tutor

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